Doll Shark trailer, the film a couple of killer stuffed shark that no person requested for

In horror films centered on sharks Now we have seen actual atrocities reminiscent of sharks in tornadoes, sand sharks, ghost sharks, sharks with multiple head… And now we’ve come throughout plush killer sharks. Sure, as you learn.

For those who suppose the premise is not crappy sufficient, it is as a result of you have not seen the film but. doll shark trailer, which we depart you within the following video. For those who dare to try it, in fact.

That is the brand new B-series horror film with sharks


Doll Shark trailer, the brand new shark horror film that may make your eyes bleed

This horror film that no person requested for follows the story of Kirby, a boy who’s given an official stuffed animal from “Sea Shark Swim” by his father, probably the most well-known music video amongst kids.

Kirby’s father is a well-known shark hunter who, considering of the doll as a fortunate allure, decides to maintain inside a shark tooth that he has simply caught and killed.

To nobody’s shock, the spirit of the deceased shark possesses the stuffed animal and turns into a *drum roll*!Doll Shark!

So whereas little Kirby spends a weekend together with his disagreeable babysitter, the doll involves life and begins to feast on all those that cross its path.

The individual accountable for this film atrocity is Mark Polandfilmmaker behind different shark “gems” reminiscent of Sharkula, Virus Shark, Noah’s Shark or Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse.

As standard, these kinds of films are made for assembly up with associates and having fun with them (often with some alcohol readily available).

Nonetheless no launch date in Spain, The Doll Shark film can be launched in the US straight in home format on April 11, 2023. What do you consider its trailer?

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